Ignacio Walker

Emmy Nominee (2022) Cinematographer, Director & Wildlife filmmaker. Known for Netflix's Our Planet (2019) and Our Great National Parks (2022), CNN's Patagonia (2022), Quito My Story (2019) and Mundo Ad Portas (2011-2013). Walker has shot in over 30 countries, from Feature Films, Commercials and Music Videos to Wildlife Documentaries. He is also a professional diver and drone pilot.

Based in Chile

Bad Influence - Baby Yors

Directed by Sergio Allard & Baby Yors

Cinematography by Ignacio Walker

Produced by Chronos Cinema, Baby Yors and R. Kurt Osenlund

Hair by Nate Juerguesen
Make Up by Seiya Iibuchi
Set design Z Behl
Styled by Brandon M. Garr
Sound Design Byron J Wu

Featuring KhrystyAna Peter FordeVinny Vega Rify Royalty Aaron Boscanin Patrick Scott Minor Airik Hendersōn Gabriella Duncan Victor Borbolla Javi Perez Angel Radicci Claussen Ogata Ogata
AC Carmelo Castro-Netsky

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